Decision Making – A Critical 21st Century Skill

Decision Elements Image

Chris Spetzler, Executive Director of the non-profit Decision Education Foundation (DEF) announced this week that DEF is launching a California initiative to empower students with effective decision skills. Participating schools can access funds to support training for teachers and students to promote decision skills in youth.

Decision-making consistently ranks among the skills employers value most. Still, despite students facing critical life choices, decision skills are rarely taught. Research shows that decision skills can improve student performance and become a meaningful part of high school education.

Increasing a student’s decision-making competence enhances a student’s ability to make better decisions leading to better life outcomes for individuals, an improved atmosphere in the school community and downstream benefits to society as a whole.

DEF’s framework organizes decision skills within there six elements of a good decision:

  • Helpful Frame
  • Clear Values
  • Creative Alternatives
  • Useful Information
  • Sound Reasoning
  • Commitment to Follow Through

Administrators, Teachers and Counselors interested in learning how to bring DEF programs to their school can contact Chris Spetzler directly by email at Visit the DEF website for information on how you can modify your instruction to improve students’ academic performance and increase their decision-making competence.

DEF’s mission is to empower youth with effective decision skills that enhance their prospects for a better life. Decision Education Foundation was founded in 2001 by leading decision professionals and academics, including Ron Howard of Stanford and founders of the Strategic Decisions Group.

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