Secret Language of Equity™

Equity Secret Language

~ by Aliah K. MaJon, Ph.D., D.D.

1. Thinking about “Equity”, would it excite you to learn some key secrets?

2. Have you ever wondered if there might be a magic formula for building trust?

3. Do you wish that all of your students could find success no matter who they are?

The Secret Language of Equity™ provides educators with “7 Key Practices” that allows them to build more effective relationships with targeted students — especially the so-called under-achievers. The goal is for teachers to learn to have genuine “regard” for a student — based on WHOM that student is, and WHAT they are experiencing in life — to help them to create a personal pathway to success. The goal is better relationships with students, greater trust between youth and adults and an environment that is engaging, inspiring and ripe for learning!

Additionally, these seven golden keys can function as strategic steps for transforming a school’s culture by offering both administrators and teachers an easy-to-follow roadmap of relationship practices that foster the creation and sustainment of Educational Equity.

Find my article published in the Association of California School Administrators HERE.

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